Ex Won't Pick Up Belongings?

We broke up 2 months ago and it was rough. He dumped me spur the moment because he planned to move to Europe. He got super depressed after the break, got into drugs and alcohol and got fired. Europe went down the drain, and he rebounded to a girl, which he hid from me. They dated 3 weeks and it was over. A week after their break he spoke of trying to get back together, but he just got lost once again..

I still have quite a few of his items and I told him to come pick them up almost 2 weeks ago, and he asked me why I was in such a rush..?

He also re added me on Facebook last week and then deactivated his account 3 days later, and he knows that's the only way we can contact one another?

Does he just need space to figure his life out or what's up?

Any in sights or suggestions would be great :]


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  • Tell him to either pick up his stuff or by the end of next week you're throwing it all out. Why would you hold on to his stuff for over 2 months when you're no longer with him?

    • I've tried. And I can't contact him, so I can't threaten him to pick his items up.

  • Then just dump his stuff. Don't need to tell him.


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