Should I visit my ex to get him to talk to me?

Should I go visit my ex to get him to talk to me?

My ex and I dated for 2.5 years. We were working on rekindling our relationship these past 2 months when yesterday we got into a spat. Which resulted in him saying he's not feeling this anymore and won't answer any of my phone calls. Which isn't too surprising because he does this every time we've ever fought. Ignored the phone. So my question is, should I give him a surprise visit? I love him deeply, and if its really over I need closure. But I don't think its over. PS. We've never gone more than a week without talking in over 3 years. Also we are at separate universities, so I'd catch the train. I need to see him and talk to him to see why he flipped the switch on me. Should I go or leave it alone. I think we are worth fighting for.

Guys, how would you react if your ex showed up at your school to talk? be flattered that she put in the effort or more annoyed

We've been exclusive for 3 years


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  • It sounds like he's playing games and he probably has some kind of anger or even a resentment problem. He's probably playing the game and being angry at you to try and change things about you such as maybe he feels like you tend to think your right or you don't give him enough sex, ect. If he's smart he will realize that you can't change people and in time you will more than likely resent him for his anger, leading to your feelings drifting and weakening your relationship. He may get better as he matures if he notices this. This is just my take though, I had the same things going one early on in my relationship. I would suggest to avoid playing those anger games and communicate better, just be honest with him.


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  • Honestly, I would be flattered that she put in the effort. It would show to me that she is willing to fight for our relationship no matter how stupid I may be acting. I'd say it wouldn't hurt to give it a go! Otherwise, he should man up and fight to keep the relationship if it means anything to him.


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  • I think you answered your own question! =)

    'I think we are worth fighting for'

    go for it girlie! <333

    Best of luck..and P.S- I think showing up will show him you deeply care! <33


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