I'm a horrible person. I hate myself. How do I tell her?

To make a story short, I need to be a man a break up with my girlfriend I'm in mad love with her it's only been 3 months but yes it took something horrible for me to notice how much she means to me. Now this is going to all sound like I'm a hypocrit. Because what I did she deservs some better than me so I know it's cause I cheatd I'm making no excuse she deserves to know I hate myself and alcohol right now this is the first time I've ever cheated on anyone I feel so disgusting I can't look at myself in the mirror let alone my g/f... How do I tell her

Idk anything anymore, I got super drunk beyond some levels were parts of the night are a blur ! I don't drink often maybe once a 1 weekend, but that night I f***ed up badly.

The only thing I could think is I don't see my girlfriend often once every 2weeks

And the other girl wasn't smoking hot like 7 out of ten.

So live with the guilt or confess?either way I'm never drinking again


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  • Why did you cheat? Was the girl that hot or awesome that you had to get with her? And was it good? Just curious about this kind of thing.

    If your girlfriend is unlikely to find out about it, then just live with the guilt. It's unfair to make her miserable by telling her just to make yourself feel better, imho. If she's likely to find out then you should come clean.

    • 7 out of 10 isn't bad, but probably not worth tanking a relationship over, huh? Do you remember the sex? Was it especially hot? And did you do her again in the morning?

      The good news is, it was early in your relationship, and you aren't doing to do it again. Just make sure she doesn't find out.

    • I remember parts of it was just drunk sloppy sex we did for about 10mins before I realized how wrong I was and then told her to leave I then proceeded to stare in the mirror for hours questioning myself and who I am cause, I'm not a cheater I've always hated people who do those things normally I'm the one who gets cheated on.

      What happend is a friend came over with his girlfriend and his g/fs friend they just showed up with a bunch of LIQ I didn't know they brought a friend. So we got drunk

    • Man. I wish every time I just got drunk with a chick it ended in sex! Honestly, what you did was wrong, but if you didn't even finish you should cut yourself some slack. You tried to do the right thing.

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  • OH MY GOD. we are actually in the same situation.

    I've been with my boyfriend for four months and I got really drunk and fooled around with some guy at a party last weekend AND I FEEL HORRIBLE. It's the first time I've ever cheated too. I love my boyfriend so much and would never think of hurting him like that while sober. I am never drinking again and I'm going to AA meetings.

    I haven't seen my boyfriend in a month and a half, but last time he was in town it was only for three days and he had been gone for a month before that. ( he works in another state temporarily)

    I told him what happened because even though I had betrayed his trust I was NOT going to lie to him. I want to be nothing but honest. At first he was going to break up with me and I begged him not to, so we have decided to take a break. From what he's said to our friends it sounds like he's thinking of getting back together eventually...hopefully.

    I had wanted to take a break from him before to decide if the long distance thing was worth it but I don't think I would have had the same perspective I do now. I realized that being physically close with that random dude made me feel less lonely, but absolutely nothing compares to how happy and peaceful I felt an hour earlier while sitting alone in my car on a dark street, talking to my boyfriend on the phone.

    Good, loving people cheat sometimes and it's a horrible feeling. I don't judge you at all. I would recommend that you be honest with her and humble yourself enough to tell her how much she means to you and take responsibility for your actions. She may take you back she may not..good luck.

    • you don't have to break up with her. I mean unless this whole cheating thing was just an elaborate way to break up with her...if so then go f*** yourself.

    • No I don't want to break up with her I'm scared as hell to even face her it was a terrible mistake and f***ed up on my part like I said I truly am disgusted with my actions. I just don't deserve her she has been very distant lately also but I've only tried to talk to her and find out why she's so distant even before I f***ed up she hasn't been acting the same to me. I don't want to lose her at all

    • well tell her the truth if you haven't already. I'm sorry this happened, I hope you don't lose her.

  • Ok firstly never drink in a bad mood alchohol hightens whatever mood your in (trust me my parents are alcoholics) secondly just man the f*** up and do it! Say I'm madly in love w you but I cheated on you sorry I don't think we can see each other anymore. Done

  • Ok so don't tell her..if you love her and she loves you ,u can get through this without hurting her. It would however be a good idea for you to tell her if you think there will be a chance of her finding out about it from someone else. Good luck

  • Confess your sins to her.


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  • Just come clean. Unfortunately it goes with you do the crime you do the time. The time might not be in secs or min in this case It might come as a slap in the face but that will happen. Its kinda up to her at that point what to do. I wouldn't pick a public place. Probably somewhere private and comfortable for her to talk. If you do it at any other place then it makes it more easier to get up and leave. At least if you do it at a place that is comfortable for her to talk she can tell you if she wants you to leave or talk to you if she needs closure on the situation, what ever her decision is after that.


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