My boyfriend dating another girl. I don't know what to do. Advise please :(

i came to know that my boyfriend was dating another girl and I at the same time,imagine my friend telling me that,i got pissed off and decided to go to that girl my guy was dating and I asked her and she objected and then she goes like she was almost with him for one year and something and then she says she was almost with him,apparently,how can you be with someone for almost one year and something and then be like I was almost with him.Before jumping into any conclusion,i decided to ask my boyfriend and he went like why you threatening me?you always have negative thoughts and he dint feel like talking,We used to talk so much till late at night,but after he got me,he started to stay away from me,i really loved him but he treated me like crap.i just can't stand rubbish,i said to myself,i got pissed off and I dumped him,i told him that I already had my own guy(a white lie)and I told him lots of things that were untrue,i told him those lies because I was so pissed at that time.Once I saw him outside with his friends and he was like bitch!he started spreading fake rumours about me,he also told his new girlfriend that he f***ing hated me and they tease me about it and actually he told most of his friends and also that I was such a pain in the ass,and one of his friends is also spreading rumours about me in school.i actually ignored those rumours and just walked away.He was always sweet with me when he wanted me but after he got me he just did not care.And I don't know if he did it out of anger,he even blocked me in his Facebook :(


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  • Stay away from him he's not a nice guy. Try to ignore the rumors and don't pay any attention to him or he's friends. In the future be selective about who your going to be with. Some guys want a relationship but some just act like they do. Once they get what they want they move on.

    • He tries to come near me but I pretend that he does not even exist,he's also a guy with so much ego,he always keeps staring whenever he sees me,the last thing he told me is he'll be at my back like a bumper

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