How to deal with the first break up?

Guys how did you get over your first breakup...? I was just broken up with and I don't know how to go about getting over her, or what to do?


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  • 1) You have to know that she isn't the only girl on planet Earth. There are many good girls out there who will be willing to give you the love that you deserve :)

    2) Learn from your mistakes, if any, and learn from hers too.

    3) Distract yourself with school, work, sports, hang outs, hobbies, etc...

    4) Talk to your friends about it. There's nothing wrong with that



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  • Meet me for coffee cause I'm going through the same thing lol


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  • Fnd someone who likes your company and go out with them, even it's someone who's never going to be anything but a friend, and talk about it with them. A relative will do fine in this role. I think a few reassurances from other women will get your head straight quickly.

  • Time.

    Lot's of it.

    Cause I followed ALL the advice (distract yourself, friends, splurge, etc, etc) and nothing at all worked. Just constantly on my mind.

    So while it sucks to hear, sucks to admit, time was what finally worked.

    Good thing is it'll happen no matter what.

    Bad thing is it takes forever and you can't rush it.


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