I feel kind of down and stuck?

This is sensitive topic for me...I went to the same graduate school my ex goes for undergad. We have not spoken in a year. It has been hard for me to move on because he was my first. I really did love him and he did me wrong. Anyways, I have seen him and I did not speak to because he hurt me and never apologize.I am just trying to avoid him at all cost. When I avoided him, he just looked and stared at me, when I looked back. Ever since, I have been here, I have been followed around a store for one of his best friends. And his other friends, I see them and they stare at me and kinda spy. By watching and staring who I am with. It just annoying. I just don't wanna be here anymore. I don't think they are REALLY stalking me, but I do think they are up to something. If my ex has something to say he should just say it...But the friends watching is not cool...Its just I am trying to move on and still stuck

Thoughts and advice on ex? I don't wanna be at this school anymore


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  • You two are in college and acting like this? And you're a grad student?!

    Either ignore him (and his friends), or talk to him, telling him that he hurt you and how it made you feel.


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