I'm such an idiot, but yet I can't stop...

My ex and I broke up a little over two months ago. Mainly because he couldn't handle long distance and felt that we couldn't have a real relationship.

We said we'd be friends. For the first two months, we emailed practically daily. Needless to say, I was hurt because I felt he'd just given up on us. So I did bitch at him a lot, or kept asking the same things. Then he said he needs space and can't handle my continuous insults (I did send nice things too though). Now he writes to me every 3 days or so.

I know I should stop sending him things. But why is it so hard? I guess I'm scared if I stop contacting him he will forget about me. I believe that somewhere inside of me there's still a little bit of hope that we'll be together one day. And I know that I'm destroying every little hope with my behavior.

I don't even know what I'm asking you guys! My head is such a mess. I guess I'm looking for some encouragement why I should stop sending him messages. Or some explanations, or I don't know what.


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  • There is no point with L/D/R . You don't see each other. you don't get to spend time with ea. other. You are just throwing out your emotions out of frustration. Someone specially is waiting for you and v ise versa.

    Time to move on. I know easysaid on my end.


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  • Yes, stop sending him messages for at least a few weeks. See how he reacts, and see how much you still miss him at that point. ..You can tell by then how much HE misses YOU, which is pretty important


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