She dumped me?

So me and my girlfriend or I guess ex were going out for 9 months. We both told each other we loves each other and everything was great but it seemed like everything always armed to go wrong when we would try and hang out, always stuff out of are control. When she broke up with me she said I was an amazing person. What does that mean? I still love her and was wondering if that meant she still had feelings for me too. When we broke up she jut said she thought she should be single for awhile. I just want to know what my next move should be.


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  • man that's a tough one. girls are of course very complicated... we mean lots of things by that. my adive is to just wait... give it either half a month or one month and if nothing happens just move on

    • Ok thanks. I didn't want to seem pushy so that makes sense.

  • you tell her that you miss her

    • K thanks first time I ever been dumped usually other way around. Just really confused why would she say I'm an amazing person as she's breking up with me

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