Ex boyfriend is confusing, advice?

so my ex and I had a conversation the other day about getting back together and he says to me...I just don't have romantic feelings for you right now...I just don't feel anything, but I don't know what the future holds...What the heck does this mean? I feel like he's saying not now but maybe later. What is he trying to say, I'm very confused.

I replied to him...well if you don't love me now what makes you think you'll love me in the future and he said...well I didn't love you before I met you...I am so confused...please help! :)


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  • IT means he likes you , but he wants to save you for plan B if he can't find other girl, so really your a back up plan

    • We were engaged to be married! Bought a house together and everything haha! I can't believe I'm being treated like that. Its crazy. I figured what he was saying to me was "not now, but maybe later..." Thanks for your input...It really helps!

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    • No...I'm not moving anywhere at all. I'm just saying I have a big trip planned for new years and I'm going to focus on that instead of this crazy confusing mess I feel like he's creating. I guess I'm saying I'm sort of moving on...for now :) It has been two weeks of no contact now since we had sex...

    • yea just delete his number and block his emails. you will probley move on for now but sometimes it will come back,.

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  • youre his other option, you're the sidedish not the maincourse! he's selfish and playing games, move on and dump this ass!


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