What to text an ex?

so I been wanting to text my ex , Because I miss my ex and can't stop thinking about my ex. but stop myself its tempting I don't know what to do or say . what's the best thing to do or if there's anything I can say that will catch his attention to respond back .

and lately I been having dreams about him since the last time I saw him . . . like for the past few days he's been in my dreams and its crazy I don't even know why this has never happened before what could this possibly mean .


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  • It depends, did you get off on good terms or bad? If its good, you can contact him and tell him how much you miss him and can't stop thinking of him, but he might not respond.

    But if you got off on bad terms, I suggest just to move on and never speak to him again, until he is ready to come back and just talk to you.

    I got off on bad terms with one of my exs and I kept telling him I miss him, you know I was being clingy and annoying back then, but all he did was curse me out and told me to leave him alone and that I was a psycho :'( but I still loved him :( and I didn't back down, until one day I just gave up on a lost cause and later on he came back to me, which was a year later, he wanted to cuddle and maybe more, but I said no way jose!

    So best of luck!

    • well we didn't get off on bad terms . . mainly he kept tellin me it was because he was goinn through a lot money wise & drama and he didn't want me getting caught up in it and takin a chance of me getting hurt so he said its wuts best but I don't know if thatsthe main reason why ... he wanted to leave it as friends after because he said he didn't wanna lose me and he still wanted me in his life he wanted to be there for me still and everythin so I don't know we jus left it at that .

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    • ahhh thanks girl I really appreciate it I'm thinkin what to say I don't know what to text him any ideas to help me out to get started . . .

    • thanks for BA, but uhm start by telling him you miss him and wish to talk to him again, and would like to remain as friends or at least try to be friends and then maybe in the future more and then you choose your words on however you want to say things.

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  • Nothing really unless someone close to you died that he knows. Otherwise it's futile, My ex is trying to enter my life again and I refuse to let her.


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  • Just plain and simple... "missing you"


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