How do you get over a guy that you like?

I have liked my really really close guy friend for ages now. I have told him but he doesn't want to risk our friendship and has never liked anyone younger than him before even though I'm a year younger. The trouble with getting over him though is we have chemistry, we have had people say you guys are a good couple and whatnot. So even if it means nothing it still feels like something. We do flirt but not on purpose. Suggestions would be great, he is a bit slow and I really don't want to jeprodise my friendship with him.
oh and we work together


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  • Its harder when you are around him everyday but I onced like a close friend for years and I had achance I think but I ruined it and he gave up (easily too)...and I made it worse by trying to fix it. Point is I saw him everyday. I took 6 months to get over him but I did by getting so involved in new things in every area of my life so that nothing was routine and it forced me to get used to everything being different so then eventually those new things and those new people become routine and you forget about the old


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  • its OK to be friends. but if one of us like the other then we should give a start to a new relation(love). maybe your guy is not interested in you to that extent. You should just ask him weather he likes you or not? if yes then proceed else just be friends.

    • i know he doesn't like me, my question is how do I get over him when we are still really close friends?

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    • you both work together so its really hard for you to get over him...better you find some other job... believe me when you are away from him he'll realize what he is missing..

    • that would be a good plan however I rarely see him at work cause he never gets shifts cause almost everyone at works doesn't like him. I've also just gotten a promotion so I'm not leaving

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  • Getting over a guy has to be on your own time. It takes a while. I wish I had better advice but it's honestly just time and distractions.


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