Should I move on from this guy?

I've been interested in this one guy for ages and we are friends now. we've kissed before and it was nice but recently he's been a little... odd like he's less interested in me basically. which hurts because I still like him. I've tried talking to him about it.. but it hasn't changed anything. should I move on?


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  • he might be backing off a little to sort out his feelings concerning the kiss.

    • but we kissed numerous times and it was because of him.

    • I wouldn't ask him about how he feels.about the situation, Let him decide and use his own mind. You asking him might scare him away. I know its hard not knowing what's going on inside his head, but if he is interested he will pull through. Back off in asking him for a little bit, play it cool, if you are still friends with him and still hang out, continue doing so. You need a man's opinion cioncerning this as well.

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  • Don't confuse kissing or anything sexual with him wanting a a serious relationship with you. If you have talked to him about it and nothing has changed then I'm sorry babe but I don't think he's interested in having a relationship with you right now. Don't make a move on him, let him come to you. Always remember this, a man needs a woman and the one he wants he would go after like he would go after food if he didn't eat in a week.


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  • what did you say to him?

    and how'd he respond?

    • i basically asked why he was acting weird and was he not interested in me anymore.. all he said was I don't know.. :/

    • i think he's afraid of how he's feeling towards you,so he's backing off,cause he's scared.

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