Why can't we be friends?

So I've had a long distance boyfriend for 5 years. We both go back and forth to visit each other and it's not easy, but it works. I've (technically) never cheated on him and even though we're apart, we're still really close. But here's the thing. Before I decided to spend the summer with him in Germany, I started hanging out with this guy friend. I call him "the kid". We're 6 years apart (he's 21 and I'm 27) and we both have a passion for old cars (which is how we met) and work in film. A month before I left, we started hanging out everyday and became really close. We'd even sleep at each others' houses sometimes (we live in opposite sides of LA). And at first, it was really just sleeping, but somehow it became cuddling and we ended up making out once. Very PG-13. And just once. And since we both knew things could never work out between us, because I have a boyfriend and because he was too young, we both decided we should be friends.Close friends, with no other benefit than the occasional hug or cuddle. I told my boyfriend about it, and although he was mad at first, he realized it wasn't a big deal. And then I went to Germany. The kid and I wrote each other almost every day and we'd talk every now and then. And when I found out he was working in England in July, I invited him to come visit me in Berlin for a weekend. My boyfriend was working the entire time so the two never met. But I introduced him to all my friends and took him to museums and good restaurants and pubs and parties. And it was fun. He seemed awkward at times, but I figured it was because the people we hung out with were a little older. And after he left, we didn't write as much but I figured we were both busy. And when the summer was over, I came back home. I called him right away to let him know I was in town and at first, he seemed really excited. I drove out to see him and we hung out once and I ended up sleeping in his bed that night (to avoid the one hour drive home). We cuddled a little, like friends. Nothing sexual. But since that night, he's completely changed. Like suddenly, he's too cool for school. He's become distant and weird. Doesn't pick up the phone, almost never answers my emails. Says he's always too busy. I asked if it was something I did, and all he says is that he's working a lot and that I shouldn't expect anything from him. But I just want us to be friends. I've been back for two months and he hasn't once asked how I've been. Never calls, never writes. Is it wrong of me to think he's being a d***? And we like the same things, work in the same field. why can't we be friends?


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  • I think he likes you but you were clear with him you can only just be friends especially because you are with someone else, he is moving on with his life so that he is not being stringed along, I think what he is doing is smart


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