How to get over my first love?

So its been a week since my boyfriend broke up with me. He was my first love and when he broke up with me it was totally unexpected, he said that he "doesn't feel the fire we used to have" and when I said all we need to do is have a date and hang out he texted back "no". I'm pretty sure there's no chance of him coming back, and there's no way I could let myself take him back either. How do I get over him? he really hurt me and broke my heart and its hard to even believe that this has happened. Please help :(


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  • Try going on dates with other guys (but only if you're actually interested in them). If that's not possible or practical, try doing social activities with family and/or friends. You need to remind yourself that you can have a full and happy life, with or without a relationship.


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  • Been there, currently going through that.

    The best thing honestly is to do keep yourself busy. If you have a job, try to pick up more hours. When your off, hang out with friends or maybe even by yourself and do things that make you happy. I think one of the hardest parts of a breakup is finding yourself again after you spent so long having another half. Its like a part of you (present and future) was taken away. But once you will be able to see that life does go on. Its hard to live in it sometimes, but it will get better. Everything will remind you of him...but I find that when I just embrace it rather than run, then reality sets in and it actually makes things better. For example. Not watching his favorite movie anymore will only leave scares for you. So next time you catch it it, and smile. Don't let him take anything away from you. Try your best to be happy. Don't cry over someone who doesn't care anymore. Don't chase...just live day by day.

    Everything does happen for a reason. It may take time, but eventually you will want to get back out there and date. But do it with an open heart

    Hope that helped

    • It did alot! thanks! :)

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