Should I go tomorrow out with an ex, even though I'm in a relationship with someone?

Should I go tomorrow out with an ex as what I think is friends even though I'm in a relationship with someone?

Afternoon everyone, OK long story short just over a year ago I met what I thought at the time was the love of my life, 5 weeks down the line we split, I was gutted (hey I was 16/17, young people think silly things) anyways after the break out we didn't talk much, every few months we'd have the odd few texts to each other and Facebook chats about how we were getting on, but in all honesty I just wanted to get over him, Now I am over him and happy with someone else, me and my ex are friends now and have started talking again and are going out tomorrow afternoon to catch up, I've spoke to my boyfriend about it and he says he trusts me and I made sure that nothing was going to happen because I wouldn't let anything get in between us because I genuinely think he's amazing. So I'm not going behind my boyfriends back because he knows, and is up country working all week anyway so its fine as far as I know.

I just don't want anything to happen that might cause friction between me and my new boyfriend, My ex is an ex, and it will remain that way, it took me quite a while to get over him and now that I am, I'm going to make sure it stays that way, so If my boyfriends knows about me seeing my ex tomorrow as friends, is it OK to go? I can't help feeling horrible because of how me and my ex ended last year, but that's the past right? me and my ex have both moved on as far as I know. I haven't told my ex I'm with someone else but a few months ago I did say that I was seeing someone, so maybe he knows?

I'm kinda clueless..

any help might be nice.. I'm sure nothing will come of it and I'm not going to let him ruin my new relationship so perhaps to make sure of that its best I don't go?


If your wondering how me and my ex split, it was basically him dropping slight hints he didn't want to be with me then saying he thinks I like him more than he likes me and then we just ended it.
Also my current boyfriend has a female friend who he has slept with, but only a one night stand thing and never done it again and that was before we were together so him and her are just friends too, so would that mean its OK for me to be friends with my ex?



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  • You really answered your own question here. The fact that you've discussed with your boyfriend and he says it is fine shows that it's exactly that, not a problem. I just had dinner with my ex x and his family last week, but I made sure my man knew about it beforehand and it wasn't a big deal. My ex and I are very close friends so yeah, it can be done as long as you are all mature about it.


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