Im in love with my ex, but he's with this girl, how do I talk to him?

We were in a relationship for a long time and then school started again and we go to different schools but we were always together and he met this girl and I knew they liked each other and he goes no baby I don't like her but he broke up with me . And now he is dating her but he won't tell me . And I think he still loves me and I still love him. But I want to talk to him but its like when we do were afraid to talk to each other about our break up what should I do and how should I approach the topic with him ?

He swore to me he didn't want her while dating her.


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  • You can talk to him about your break up for closure, but don't go looking to break up his current relationship. He has a girlfriend now, and although you think he may still be in love with you, he is with her... I don't really understand how people can love someone who clearly doesn't love them back (based on his actions) so I suggest you take some time to think about that.

    But call or text your ex and tell him you'd like to talk. And see what happens.

    • But he told me he didn't want her a few days and they have been together since a few days after me and him broke up .

    • So talk to him.

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