How long should I stay in limbo after giving guy a second chance?

I have been e-mailing and talking on the phone with a guy I met online. We live 4 hours apart. He was supposed to visit me earlier this month, but e-mailed me the morning of the visit to say he was sick and couldn't make it. I didn't respond. A week later he sent me a long 4 paragraph e-mail saying, among other things, that he feels a connection with me and wants another chance to visit. I then caved. He is supposed to visit either 2 or 4 weeks from now, depending on when he can get off work. He says he will let me know ASAP. HOW LONG SHOULD I WAIT TO FIND OUT AND HOW SHOULD I RESPOND TO THIS "I'LL LET YOU KNOW ASAP AND HOPE YOU'LL SAVE YOUR DATES FOR ME?"
  • Don't respond - this is a waste of time
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  • E-mail back, act like nothing is wrong, and wait for him to let me know when, if ever, he'll visit
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  • E-mail and say I need to know by within a week of the earliest possible date
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  • E-mail back and ask when he thinks he can let me know for sure
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  • Other
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  • Just take it for what it is, if he says he wants to visit and he needs to work somethings out before he tell's you,then let him. Date around anyway because even if he v isits you there's no gaurantee you'll be into him after you really get to know him, and vise versa.


Most Helpful Girl

  • Well if you had a connection its worth checking into =- BUT I would not REALLY wait on him to see what he does I would continue to date MEN that live in your area so you can meet asap - and date and like each other or not. Also is he supposed to stay at your house after the 4 hr drive - ? that maybe another reason he is just rushing to see u.. OR you both drive 2 hrs and meet half way and have a date there - then both go back home... but really I say find a online date that lives closer to u.. Cheers and good luck!

    • Hey, thanks, and BTW, he is to visit my city and staying in a hotel as I have a young child.

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  • Give it a shot. DO NOT get attached or think he's the one. Just be in control of your emotions. Date other people, never put all your eggs in one basket.


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