Making your ex girlfriend jealous?

Guys, what is your motif of making your ex girlfriend jealous....?? Is it fun?

I broke up with him few months ago.We have a fight and one day we decided to settle it down and be friends.I agree as he seems talked nicely and in a good way.When I talked with him he keep telling me about his new girlfriend like how sweet she is and all.I don't get jealous as I don't have feeling on him anymore but I feel irritated tho.He also seems asking many things about my current boyfriend like did you have sex with him? Bj? One day when we were talking he suddenly said hey my girlfriend is on,see you.Why would he do this.I mean just stay away from me then if you have your new gf.I don't want to have any more dispute after what had happen but he seems try to provoke it?


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  • He is trying to make you jealous, and I know that the biggest of jerks have a tendency to do that.

    Not only is he insecure, he is also trying to show that he has moved on whereas he clearly has not.

    I suggest you be very classy and dont-give-a-sh*t about it. Avoid talking to him as much as you can, and especially don't mention your boyfriend at all if you ever do. If he asks, tell him something like 'Sorry, but I'd rather not talk about that with you, its kinda private between me and him'. Something honest and direct. Don't show off back or try to impress him. He probably lies about most of the things he says anyways.

    If he really cared about you, he would have attempted to be on good terms. But he's trying to hurt you and somehow make you fall for him so he can brag about it and feel good, which is a very jerk-esque thing to do. So yeah, stop chatting, messaging him or whatever. Whenever he tries to talk answer short. He is trying to get emotions out from you and you are not to let that happen.

    Also remember, that you and your relationships with guys are private affairs in general. So not just your ex, they should remain secret with everyone. And I would personally NEVER ask my ex what she does in bed with her guy, that's totally inappropriate and you should stay away from such guys.

    Ultimately the key phrase is not giving him attention he wants. Good luck with your new bf.

    • Thanks for your opinion as a guy...really appreciate it.Now at least I get what he wants really.

  • Guys and girls both do this... he needs to rub your face in the fact he has someone because he feels hurt/bitter by your breakup.


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