Too much love hurts sometimes?

Why sometime when two people have so much love for one another they rather see the person hurt instead of been happy?

perfect example...My ex broke up with me three weeks ago after been together for almost four years. Our relationship was a bit shaky toward the an on&off type of thing but she ended it anyways. The break up was such a burden it nearly got me damn sick..I mean I literally felt like my heart was bleeding inside but anyways I went online and search "how to get over a break up" so pretty much I just follow the instructions and started going out and chill with friends, spend time with family, working out staying in shape, Ignoring her, like no contact with her at all, club, party etc and I also made it known on my fb page that I was happy and not miserable by posting pics of when I would go out with friends and pretty much enjoying life again. somehow my ex found out and decided to change her status from "single to in a relationship" on fb...I mean like c'mon.. three weeks ago she told me she didn't want a relationship and now she just changed it? I mean that really hurt me. I don't know if she's doing it to get me mad or trying to get my attention or maybe trying to get me jealous cause I've been ignoring her for two weeks now. if she want me back why can't she just tell me or approach and admit that she misses me? why she got to play all these little mind games? this is really sucks


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  • my ex did that, but it was 3 days after we were done dating! and I really did later find out he gave me mono 3 days before we broke up, so I literally was sick! he also cheated on her with me 2 months later! I'm not sure why she did that, I promise you though that THAT relationship is a rebound! there is no way she moved on that quickly from someone as special to her as you obviously probably did seem like you were taking it very well and she was upset...i mean don't you wanna be missed? so does ex balled his eyes out when he broke up with me and we didn't cut ties until I said we were done talking. neither of us wanted it over, but in the end him moving on so quickly was what made me realize he wasn't the one for me. I always used to think maybe he moved on because he wasn't strong enough in himself to come back, so he got someone to hold him away from me (which for the most part worked)...that may be what she's doing...i think he was thinking with his head when he did the breaking up, but his heart still hurt after...she may be doing the same. I know I felt like you and felt we should just keep working on it, but in the end now that I look it was just getting worse and there was no fixing it and I'm glad he was strong enough to do the initial "break up". I'm not sure if yall are supposed to be, or if she'll come back, but I would definitely say don't react. do you for quite a while and I would from my experience suggest to not rebound, I didn't and while his relationship and his life are struggling I am ahead in life and learned so much about myself from the experience of getting over him...also I would suggest don't go checking up on her, I literally made myself vomit a couple times checking up on him and seeing them together.

    • Omg I really appreciate you sharing this with me and I honestly can say that I feel much better...Me and her had our up and down but only she just give the realtionship another shot I know that it would be better, stronger then before..I just know it because I see many things now that I couldn't see while dating her. like the little things that she does for me or when we get into fight and how I can fix it now without anybody feeling traiten or accuses. I shouldn't be taking all the blame for this

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    • all the more reason to not react and keep it this way! there is always tomorrow, have fun today and see what tomorrow holds! do your own thing, and honestly if you really felt you lost your manhood, the girl who "loves" you shouldn't be making you feel that way! she should if anything make you feel more manly than anyone else ever did, & when you do get emotional that its OK to show those feelings because it brings yall closer, not you show them and she still walks away. 1/2 happy w/out her=stay sngl

    • Yeah I'm a very emotional dude and I hate letting my feeling out like that cause of my mentality that I'm suppose to be the strong alpha male figure but that night three weeks ago I just couldn't help it to break down and cried like a baby but it's all good like you said this whole thing is a learning experience for me and will make me a better boyfriend in the future but I love her an moss her so much but I just have to hold my ground a little bit longer lol I can't give in now

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