I asked an ex boyfriend to meet for a drink?

Guys and girls please answer no matter how frank the advice is. I asked an ex to meet for a drink who has a new girlfriend. He had been asking a lot how I was and what I was up to. I still love him so I thought I would ask to meet up.I appreciate he has a girlfriend now and I respect that but thought there is no harm in asking as life's too short. He emailed back straight away saying he would love to and would let me know when suited.

A month later nothing. Why could he not have taken his time to think about and it and be honest instead of saying yes straightaway and then ignoring me? Or why could he not have said no. I know it would hurt but it would be the right thing if honest.Please help?

I still haven't had many responses on thsi and am still very confused.Please Guys and girls please help if you can.Thanks for all who have responded


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  • I'm kinna like in the same situation but I'm praying for my girl to contact me..see she broke up with me about three weeks ago and a week later I told her that I excepted the break up and us breaking up was for the best. just be patient if he still and truelly love you he will contact you but I think he just playing it cool buy not been needy or desperate to go back out with you..so be patient

    • Thanks for your response, hope it works out for you man, Me I'm giving up

    • Lol thanks and I really hope it does too cause god knows I love this girl but ay just be patient OK he'll come around cause if it was me I know I would

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  • Maybe he didn't want to revisit the past. Maybe he's happy with his current situation and didn't want to mess things up with her, seeing you could complicate things ya know.

    • Thanks for your response, I was thinking that myself.Its sad but true

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  • maybe his girlfriend found out and got mad and hasn't wanted him to contact you?


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