If an ex still contacts you/initiates contact, what does this mean?

If an ex still contacts you/initiates contact, what does this mean? it is a good sign, or is a bad sign? I'm supposed to be going NC to make him miss me, but we Haven't even got through day 1 yet -.- hahahahaa.


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  • either he's doing it out of habit, still has feelings for you or genuinely wants to be friends. the times that I did contact my ex is cause I still had feelings for her. now that those feelings are waning I don't see the need to stay in touch

  • well I've been that ex boyfriend that keeps in contact with girls I used to date. For my case it certainly is because I want to get back with that girl or I have feelings for her. For example, my last ex, we've been on and off for a lot of times, and that last time was 2 months ago. I still keep talking to her and hanging out with her. Knowing down that I shouldn't get back with her but I still those feelings for her that I just couldn't let go. I don't tell her that, and choose to support her with whatever she's going through meanwhile I still have a huge crush for her. She's back with her other ex right now, I m feeling a bit disappointed but oh well, I'm still great friends with her but the last thing I am going to do would be to tell her how I feel because I know that it won't work out no matter what.

    This is just my situation, but your guy may be different from me so who knows lol.


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