Moving on from an old relationship

The relationship with my ex first started in 2007 I lived in Puerto Rico and she lived in Maryland, I was 18 at the time and she was 16, I visited once and it was a very memorable week in our life. The relationship ended a year later it was very hard to maintain and I was failing in college. I establish no contact and was focusing on my grades doing well moving on. Early 2010 she called and tells me she's moving to a University 5 minutes close to my university. She wanted me to be her boyfriend, I wanted to try it, we didn't last 2 months constantly fighting she didn't have much family and just left 2 or 3 days and never told me, I catch her going to a party with a dude. So I broke it off ... closed my Facebook and moved on again, grades were going down, a year pass and I never saw her, but this summer I re-open Facebook and she added me, I thought it was good chance to become a stronger person by accepting her and not falling for her and be able to be friends ( I can never be friend with my ex). She ask me out I agreed and it was fun... second day we went out was good too, third day we madeout and I wanted more but never showed it it was to soon in my mind. 4th day we went out she was cold... texting was none exiting chatting almost never happened, she never called... I waited around a month barely contacting her or seeing her Facebook when I check she had some picture with a guy too close for my liking... I'm not stupid I know she's playing me so I confronted her and she told me she never gave me hope and if I was falling for her I did it to myself... so why did she madeout with me and posted public messages thanking me, she also told me I like you, plus we were acting like a couple in public. We had a fight and I deleted her from my Facebook is been 5 days, any tips on how to move on... I keep falling for this girl when she comes looking for me. Has anyone went through something like this?

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  • She has already f***ed you many times? It has already not worked out how many times?

    If she really cared about you, would she be running around with other guys?

    It sounds to me like you need to move on-badly. If you are not even dating, but dealing with fights and roller coaster emotions, how would it be if you ever did date again?

    We are attracted to people sometimes that never work for our personalities. She sounds like a toxic influence. You deserve more, you deserve someone who appreciates you and that will treat you properly.

    Often, girls will have a back up guy. When they are dating someone, and it falls through, the backup guy is always there to pick up their calls and texts. She is using you to feel good about herself, because she knows you will always be waiting there. She is f***ing with you on every level. You need to recognize her bad influences on your life, and all the negativity she has caused. Once you can see that, you will move on. It may take time, but once you get to that point, it will happen naturally.

    • This is very useful, I just need to never forget this, in a times of crisis.

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  • advice I am going to follow myself starting now:

    not talk to that person ever again in my life. if I can't talk to them, I can't fall for them and they can't hurt me.

    hope that helped your situation too.

    • The longest I've gone without talking to her was 1.5 years and It wasn't log enough. I'll try to focus on myself but I'm taking to long to finish college lol.

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  • I've been through it personally, and the only advice I can give to you is just to give it some time and see how everything pans out.

    • What happened in your situation?

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