I need major advice about my boyfriend, Guys & Girls please!

My boyfriend and I were watching a movie and then the movie started watching us as we dosed off lol. Then his phone started going off and I taped him and said your phone (its like 3am) so he's like don't worry about it. It stops for awhile then starts again and I'm like can you shut that thing off and he's talking in his sleep and says you do it. I picked up the phone to cut the sound down and with his phone if you get a text or email it pops up to the middle of the phone. The email said: "Join our next bareback party" I'm sure that's self explanatory but I almost fainted and YES I looked at the email..it says the address, time, thanks for your admission, etc...admission? So I looked at sent and he sent them a pic, age, height, weight and said he's ready to have fun..with guys? So I confront him calmly and he says, omg then wakes fully up..tries to explain all he did was look and lies about admission..says he was going to unsubscribe because he couldn't do it anymore. Long story short, I broke up with him..I don't judge bi's but for you to lie and hide about it makes you cowardly..there's was also loads of g*y and sh*male vids..I have not slept from this and I hope I made the right decision. I feel like almost 3 years were wasted.


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  • I think you did good Sweetie.

    • Thanks hun. I appreciate that.

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    • Im in the Queens, NY lol...hows Ohio? if I ever visit, ill be such to remember u!

    • Well my email is kidmichael1@yahoo.com if you'd like to talk

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  • A lot of that going around. For a lot of women, a bi guy is trendy. So naturally, there are a LOT of such guys.

    In those circles, it's trendy to lie and cheat. Not that lying and cheating don't happen in heterosexual relationships, but it's not what I'd call the 'in' thing among us.

    I"m sorry this happened, but it's lucky you found out without getting an STD, right?

    • LoL! yea it seems to be a trend I don't want to be involved in. I am very grateful that I found out because if I didn't and if he one day went through with it, I wouldve never known and if we had sex after, I wouldve been having sex with every man he did at that party smh. thank you for your response and take care!

  • I guess you had to do what you had to do, and you did the right thing. Don't worry, you will find someone better :)

    • I'm starting to lose all faith in relationships lol but thank you so much..I really appreciate your response.

  • i would say if there wasy gay stuff on there then yeah he's gay

    but shemale videos are actually aimed at hetrosexual males...basically a shemale is a "girl" but has that extra thing...

    anyways he lied to you, it was good to break it off because trust is important...if he was open to you about it but made it clear he loves you then it'd be different...i wouldn't have broken up with him because of the gay stuff, I mean he was dating you so obviously he was bi or bicurious...but you said you broke up with him because he lied which is really the only reason I can see for a break up at this point...

    take some time apart, see if he does truly love you and if you can gain his trust back and you lvoe him as well then maybe it will work in the future

    • Thank you! perfectly said!

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  • You have made the right decision. He has to figure things out for himself and no reason you should be drug through something that ultimately is not going to be in your benefit.

    • Thank you for responding! I honestly agree and simply said to him that he is confused and needs to find himself. I'm not one to judge but I am just really hurt.

  • wow, I think you are mad not because he "lied" but because he would even do something like that(porn)

    • Thank you for responding! Overall I lost a sense of trust and I just feel like it was all lot at once. I knew about the p*rn just had no idea it was the same sex as him.

    • but I thought the fact it was same sex didn't bother you? he was auditioning to be in a p*rn right? that would mean he would have sex with another person, that is why you are bothered right? anyways that is understandable that you broke up with him, I would do the same... that is totally ridiculous and there is no excuse (money,etc.) if your in a relationship you tell the other person about that before hand..

  • you have to understand that not everyone (I'd venture to say most people) aren't super accepting of bisexuality, and he isn't obligated to tell people about it. it's sad that he wasn't comfortable enough to tell his girlfriend, but that doesn't mean he did anything wrong.

    • p.s. if he was cheating on you, that's not cool. but I was just referring to you calling him cowardly for not telling you he's bi.

    • I appreciate your reply but I do feel it is wrong to hide such a matter from someone you have been dating for a long time. Yes some people are unacceptive of their sexuality but you put another person at risk when your a guy saying I only slept with 5 women and don't mention the 5 men. Not everyone has the preference of dating someone bi and yes he did do something wrong because we were together and he said he was straight and was otw to a gay sex party. I'm sorry you disagree but take care.

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