How to stop being obsessive with Ex Fiance?

I've noticed myself being really obsessive with my ex fiance. One night, I drunk messaged him on Skype. More or less he told me to come see him, as a way to prove that I love him and would do anything for him. When I think about, even if we did get back together. I wouldn't cope well knowing he had something with his current girlfriend. I think overall its best if we don't even be friends or get back together. I think right now its just good to just move on and let him ago. Its been hard these last days, I been having urges to see him and then not. Almost daily I try to see if he's online so he can talk to me more about this me coming to see him thing. I wanna try and not go on Skype anymore. But I just feel so bored and lonely sometimes. It sound so pathetic, but I seriously got no friends, well good friends anyways where I live. My best friend lives like 8 hrs away from me. I know I have to keep myself busy, buts it really hard. It feels like its always back in my head; him and about me seeing him. I wanna know some others views on how they tried getting over /keeping their mind off their ex and just moving forward. I feel I'm kinda crazy for what I've been doing. And I wanna quit feeling way and just go forward; instead of clinging to the past.


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  • It's time to move on Love. Life's too short. If he comes crawling back to you on hands & knees...maybe you'll have something to talk about...otherwise, there are a bazillion guys who would love to love you.


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