My ex says he wants me back in his life... What should I do?

I actually really liked him, he was the first boy that I ever kissed and I really cared about him and I thought for sure that I loved him, but I really don't know if I was just infatuated. I've known him for like three years now, and in those three years we have talked on and off again, at one point his then girlfriend dumped him because he called me from her house, which is actually kinda dumb on his part; and I felt really bad, but the next day he called me and he was having a laugh about it.

Yesterday know when he hit me up on chat, he was saying how much he misses me and how he wants me back in his life, I sorta believe him but I sorta don't. What should I do?

I am really confused about how I even feel about him, plus I am sorta kinda in a really really complicated relationship with someone I truly like. I don't know what is going on, my love life is always so messed up :(


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  • you fell for a guy who called you from his ex girlfriends house?

    what makes you think he won't do that to you?

    youre under 18, date people but don't become serious...between 18-24 you have A LOT of changes coming your way with school and life in general...dont be tied down is my advice, but hey you can't control love...

    but really, a guy calls you from his then girlfriends house...and you laugh about it? think about it long and hard, what makes you think he wouldn't do that to you...he really has to think about what he is doing before chasing after you, especially how he did it that way...dumb move on his part, makes him look unfaithful...

    • When he called me from his then girlfriends house we had already broken up, and I asked him why he called me, I wasn't laughing I felt bad he was laughing like he didn't even care about her in the first place. He has done something like that to me, I saw him once with his cousin and he was walking right by me and I grabbed his hand he brushed me off like he didn't know me. I never confronted him about it I just forgot it, and I have always told him he acts like a slut.

      Thanks for the advice :)

    • i didn't know you dated before this other girl...anyways dude is weird, go find someoen who will put your first and treat you with don't want a guy who calls his ex or other girls from his current gf's house...sounds like his ex was smart

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