Ex contacting after breakup

my exboyfriend has called me today 6 times after 3 weeks of breakup. wen I didn't respond, he sent me a text saying"howru?hope your fine..called you just now..wishes for diwali to you and all at home..may god bless you with lots of happiness and prosperity..take care of yourself"...

i want to ask , shud I reply to this text or not?i Haven't replied him yet, the reason being he had suggested to be freinds during the breakup and I had refused. I don want to reply Because I feel it might make him think I m ready to be freinds.

to cut a long story short, it was he who ended things finally but it was me who used to threaten him with the word breakup around 4-5 times I ve been guilty of this. and yes I was being insecure and needy quite for most part of our relationship of one year. I would stop talking to him (I ve done this many times) wen I would be upset with him over anything and I ve also deleted him twice on Facebook which he was very pissed abt. wen I removed him from fb the third time, we stopped talking for the first time in our relationship for 10 days. this time , I was the one to call him back Because I realized how much I loved and missed him, and I called him and apologized but he said he has taken a final decision to breakup this time and we can be freinds. I tried convincing him myself and through two of his close freinds, but he remained adamant and I didn't do too much convincing, I just left it at that , and refused to be freinds. I had stopped coming on fb and he told me to come back on fb but I just told him to leave that topic Because its not imp...he said he doesn't love me anymore and said "i m sorry"...i said,don worry, no need to be sorry, you shud just be honest with yourself...and in case you really don love me anymore, I can't say anything more to u., and kept the fone. he imdly sent me a text saying not to force him, he is very clear abt his decision, and replied "sorry if you felt I m forcing u, I don't intend to, and I have been with you all this while supporting u, but I do respect your decision whatever it is", to that, he replied"thank u".i m still not going on fb though I intend to in a short time, and I m working on myself on the issues which harmed our relasionship.the real reason y he left was he felt he was not needed , not wanted and he can't keep me happy , I won't be happy with him, he can't give me future since he has financial goals to complete yet, and my life goals and desires are different from his. but his main reason was I was always stopping talking to him and ignoring his calls msgs and removing him from fb etc, he can't keep me happy, I get upset every now and then, I don't need him etc...

so what shud I do?how shud I respond to my ex now?shud I respond now or later?in what way shud I respond?


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  • You should only respond if your willing to face these issues and change the way you treat him, because if he loves you but feels un loved, your just continue to break this guys heart, which is unfair and very selfish, so only respond if your willing to try and make him happy and not expect him to always make you happy, otherwise leave him so you can both move on and meet mutual matches and live happily,x good luck,x


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  • Do you want to respond?

    It is up to you if you want to or not.

    You can respond later if you want to.


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