My ex wants to hang out, maybe?

I've been running into my ex at the rock climbing gym a few times (like 2 or 3 times). I remembered I had some of this things so I Facebooked him, we aren't Facebook friends though. He said he didn't know what I had and when I told him he only wants a book I borrowed back but said he was in no hurry. He asked when I was going climbing again (he had also wanted me/asked me to climb when we bumped into each other). He didn't really invite me to climb with him in the message, more like he wants to meet there... So it's like a non-invite?

He says he just is always looking for more "climbing partners," but why? He basically disappeared after the break... He dumped me.

What does he want? what's going on with him? Any advice for when we do climb together? Is it best I just avoid this encounter?


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  • Yes, it is best to avoid this encounter. He left you, he avoided you and now he is saying some vague stuff about hanging if you guys run into each other at the gym. This is his version of not looking like a chump when he runs into you but still showing you he has moved on. It's just niceties, fluffy stuff you say to someone to not look like a jerk but not commit to anything.


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