When Do you know that you blew it with a girl?

The thing is I meet this girls once and to me it was love at first sight, Although I never got around to build a raptor with this girl. I just went Ahead and spoke my heart . I told her my feeling and she was like "are you crazy" (to be fair I was, stupid) and stopped talking.

Its been a while now (almost 2 years) Do you think I can contact her or it would be to Pathetic?


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  • So you met her, and within the first few minutes said you loved her? I can see that would freak her out a bit.

    It is possible that you could get in contact with her. But remember, she is not the same person as from two years ago. You never did get to know her, and she will have changed since then. You just saw her beauty and a side of her personality you liked, but everyone has many different sides to their person. If you do get in contact with her, do not expect her to be a perfect one sided ideal. If you can recognize that before contacting her, I think it will put you in a better place.

    When it comes to contacting her, maybe over a Facebook message or email, be honest. Apologize for what happened before, and tell her that you still think she is beautiful and interesting, and you want a chance to get to know her. Don't say you still love her or allude to anything that can be taken as weird. Keep it short and sweet, maybe something like this:

    "Hey so-and-so,

    I know I gave you the wrong impression a couple years ago, and I want to say I am sorry. I did not mean to upset you or freak you out. I still think you are a beautiful and interesting person, and I would like to take you to dinner and get to know you better."

    • Sounds Fairly easily but there is just one thing( way too scared...)

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    • hey if would read this.. help me , what if there is no reply? What do I do?(don't say move on!)

    • If there is no reply? Well don't send her another message, because that will freak her out. She doesn't know you...it is kind of a long shot. If she doenst reply, you are just going to have to accept that she is not interested and you cannot force anyone to feel certain emotions.

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  • Yeah,I'd say you blew it. But why did you wait 2 whole years? She could be married/involved with someone.

    Not sure its a good idea to contact her now.

    • Hey She was 16 when I met her 18 when I told her and 20 Now SO Marriage isn't really Would be the issue that I am worried ,its just that I miss a beat even thing about her and this time I want to sound a human being... Not a cartoon

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