Why does my ex always come back?

my ex and I were together nearly 3years ago when we were 16. he was my first big love and I was his and we were so in love but we often quarreled because I was so jealous even if he only talked to another girl and it ended that he drank way too much and kissed another girl and he broke up.i was desperate I loved him so much and wanted him back though what had happened. then we didn't talk, we mad out he said he didn't want a relationship and this happened several times and we ended as kind of friends with benefits.

than I got into a new relationship and we stayed good friends and often wrote on Facebook or text messages (and in some he was pretty flirty and in one message it sounded like he was waiting until I am single again because he wants a relationship with me) and I know since a few months he makes out with a girl he had a huge crush on 2 years ago but when I told him nearly 3 months ago that I was happy for him if he was happy with her he just replied: calling me happy would be exaggerated and I am just wasting time) and after my break up a week ago we had a kind of date and he was flirty and cute and because we had an exam together we wrote a lot of messages helped each other and flirted a bit and yesterday was the exam and he ignored me (I have to say I also ignored him a bit and there were 2 guys with who he hang out) and now I am

wondering what wants?why does he always come back if he didn't love me enough in the past?


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  • Ask him! He probaby did love you.

    I think when people try to leave something and disappear but then they get back to it even though They don't want to,they try hard to avoid it -> but In reality,deep down they don't want to let them go,they don't want to leave,that's why they get back even though they don't want To get involved with that person.


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