Have you ever been cheated on?

If you have been cheated on please tell your story here. How did it happen? How did you find out? How did they react when you found out? etc.

Here is my story:

I was in a long distance relationship (we attended different universities) and ended up moving after graduation to attend grad school near him. 4 months before my graduation he told me he wanted to take a break because he was tired of having a distance relationship. We ended up getting back together when I moved near him but not officially. I got a job that caused me to spend a lot of time away from him and it made me worry that our relationship would fall apart. I began to worry in August that he had met someone else because he started behaving differently. He wanted me to stop leaving my stuff at his place, he told me I needed to meet someone else because I was 'alone' and he was always writing messages to this one girl on facebook.

After this I became very insecure and suspicious so I when he lent me his computer one day I checked out his messages. I discovered that he had been writing this girl frequently and seeing her regularly. She lived very close to him and even went to visit her once while I was visiting him and lied telling me he was going to see a male friend. I also saw that the had gone out several times together to clubs and had hung out a lot at her place. In one of the last messages she had invited him to play volleyball with her at the unihall later that evening. He told me he was going to soccer and I told him I was thinking about going running. I went to the unihall and of course he showed up to play volleyball but when he saw I was there he completely ignored this girl even though it was clear she was waiting around for him.

He ended up dumping me a week later stating that he didn't fee the same way about me. I told him I thought it was because he met someone else and he made a promise that he wouldn't date anyone else until we were both over the break up. I knew he was lying and whenever I saw him talking to her I would ask about her and every time he would say something else 'I just know her from badminton, and nothing else' 'we are friends from class' 'we are just good friends'.

I checked her out on facebook and saw she had a birthday coming up. He got me to help him with her present which was a plant then when I asked if it was for her he told me it was for the roommate of his friend (he later told me it was for her when I said I knew his friend's roommates birthdays). A week later a picture of them together at the uniball appeared on facebook and he said he went alone and she was standing nearby so they got a picture together.

I realized I had become completely obsessed with getting the truth out of him, I think it distracted me from the pain. I finally just told him he couldn't be in my life anymore even as a friend. I didn't see or hear from him for over a month and it got so much better. But now he is back in my life, wanting sex and still lying.

Have you ever been cheated on?
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