Ex girlfriend cried, is mad because I got with 7 girls after her...

So, long story short of history with my ex and I.

She left me, I never left her, she played a bad joke about her getting rapped, treated me cold here and there, we had a Hot and Cold up and down relationship. Thing is, we went long distance for most the time. I was her first too btw.. but I would've never gone that far with her if I hadn't cared that much and I still do care very much.

Anyway, she left me last year in summer '10. We've been off and on talking. I loved this girl very much, enough to where I was so hurt in return I wanted to die for a couple months and was depressed so severely, my life crashed and caved, I dropped out college couldn't handle the heart pain and stress. Moved out and had to relocate myself.

Anyways... My Ex and I talked. She wanted to know how many girls I had been with prior to her. I'm not gonna say ...but uh. haha.. she wasn't happy. She said she'd been with 1 guy. I had been with more than just 1 girl since her. I was on the rebound trying to get over her, so I guess you can say it is understandable for what I did.

She's mad and she cried about. What should I do about this? I told her I was sorry, but she wanted the answer. I know you're not really suppose to tell your ex anything that happens outside the relationship after its broken up but I think it was a time of honesty. wasn't a time of trying to repair anything cause I don't think hearing our responses were repairing, more just of trying to relieve or paranoia or thought of each other being with multiple people.
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Realized I said I wouldn't say how many girls I'd been with, and I put it on the title. Fail.

haha..but anyways.. thanks for anymore answers and comments.

really helps me cause my mind is so clouded at the moment about the whole situation, I didn't do anything wrong yet she is so hurt by it which is what makes it so hard to understand. other than she still has feelings for me.
Ex girlfriend cried, is mad because I got with 7 girls after her...
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