Move on or still keep on trying to get back my ex?


I was with my ex girlfriend for about 5years but in that time we had been on and off. I broke up with her twice in our relationship. After the first break up we were still seeing each other for about 2 year but not serious. We would hang out go on dates but had separate personal lives. No family or friends being mixed.

After these two years we ended up back together as more of a serious couple where we would hang out with each other families and friends. Things were going very well for first few months but later on we started to drift away slowly. After 9 months we broke up.

Second time when I broke up with her is because few thing started to irritate me about her and we would constantly argue about little things. We were losing connection with each other. I know for sure this was my mistake because I did not tell her what bothered me and instead I would just keep it inside me. Nothing was getting resolved.

After the breakup she still wanted to fix things and was asking me what she can do to get us back after the break up for about 5 months. But I was not convinced we could get back. I still missed her throughout the time and wondered if this was a biggest mistake of my life.

One night in September I run into her a club and she seemed all sudden very distant. Later I saw her dancing with some guy that night and texted her saying GOOD FOR YOU. Later she called me and told me that after August she got hurt by me again and that she started moving on. Later that weekend she insisted to tell her why I really broke up with her. Eventually I told her and my mind opened up and I started to feel love for her and wanted to get back with her.

Pretty much after this I wanted to get back with her and I tried staying in touch with her, sending flowers, letters taking out for dates but more I did she started to became more distant. Then she told me that she is confused, hurt and can not trust me. She thinks same mistakes might happen again as before and that she needs time and space to figure out. She seemed to be even more distant and started to pull away.

Lastly I invited her for dinner at my place where I I cooked dinner and then we talked about relationship...she was crying saying same things and that she does not think we are compatible and I do not really know how to take care of her. Also, that night I gave her a really nice necklace (from have fav store) but she did not accepted. At the end she said that she needs time and space and that I’m pushing her. Also she does not want to hurt me. I asked to call me once she makes up her mind. She agreed to. I decided not to contact her anymore and try to move on. Started to focus more on my career and myself.

She got in touch with one of my friend next day and said she is convinced that we are not good together.

Three - four weeks ago the same friend run into my ex on the town and still felt the same way about me that it is not working out. Friend thinks that she is trying to mov
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. Friend thinks that she is trying to move on slowly but not 100% yet. Maybe 95%.

Today it's been over six weeks since we saw each other and talked. She did not call me at all and I did not try to get in touch with her.

My questions are as follows:

What do you think I should do next in this situation? Should I just move on and see if she calls me one day or Should I call her up and see where she is? Christmas is coming and her birthday is in January. Most of my friends think I should
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Most of my friends think I should not contact her at all this point and leave her alone and maybe she might contact me in near future once she will miss me.

Also, I was thinking of sending her a text with Christmas wishes on Dec. 25 and see how she responses back. Later send her a text with Birthday wishes (Mid jan) and if she seems responsive ask her for a coffee or drink and take it slowly from there.

Waiting for your response

Move on or still keep on trying to get back my ex?
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