Is it wrong to date my ex boyfriends best friend?

OK I started having a thing with this guy during a sport we played in together and started talking. I knew of him and I kinda had a crush on him and then we started talking. Then we started becoming friends with benefits within about 5-6 weeks after the sport started and were holding hands kissing and hugging. I really fell for this guy and that went on for about 1 month and then he finally asked me out at the end of the month, July. But after our first date(when he asked me out) I got grounded for being home late and couldn't go out or do anything for the rest of the summer. He got mad just said its OK we'll make this work and we talked over the whole month I didn't see him and everything was ok! then school started and I finally got to see him and we were so happy! :) the two days at school since we started on a Thursday we hung out only at lunch and that was it really. Then that Thursday he asked if we could hang out, but the thing was I was going to my aunts house that weekend already so I couldnt. So he got mad and was yelling and threatening me about breaking up with me and making me feel like crap and I cried and he called and he said he was so tired of all the games and we talked it out and then ssaid "you know what were not going to break up" so I was relieved. then that Monday after the day he said we were OK he broke up with me cause he wanted to take a break. I cried and etc. but then my ex's best friend Aaron and I have been talking while I was with Frankie, because Aaron was being a good friend and being there for me whever something was wrong and yeah... I texted him that my Frankie had just broken up with me and he said aww its all OK hun your going to be ok... and I was like yeahhh. Then out of the blue like 2 days later Aaron said he liked me and me (having a crush on him while dating frankie cause frankie was being a jerk) was like o my gosh and everything felt better. So Aaron and I kissed that Friday and then hung out after school the next Tuesday and stuff... this has been going on since about the end of August its now December and I have seriously fallen for Aaron so much. You have no idea how much I like him.. WOW I have probably been farther with Aaron than I did with FRankie. But I seriously really want to date Aaron but he won't because my ex (Frankie) is his best friend... Like aaron likes me a lot and everything I just don't like how we have to sneak around all the time because were afraid of my ex... Should I just forget about it, even though I seriously want to be with Aaron for like ever or... ?

What should I or we do?
Is it wrong to date my ex boyfriends best friend?
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