How do I get rid of the other woman?

About a month ago my boyfriend cheated on me with a neighbor. I found out about it, confronted him and now we are trying to work things out. He told me he wouldn't talk to her or her friend anymore but I know, for a fact, that he still talks to bother of them. There is no flirting or talk about sex...should I be concerned? Should I not wait around to find out what's going on? What should I do?


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  • You should act! you shouldn't wait.

    It's not fair from him to promise you not talking to her, and then doing it so. After doing what he has done, that's a big mistake!

    you should confront him and you should mean bussiness when you do that. let him know that you know, and that you are ready to go and move on without him, if he continues doning what he is doing.

    P.S. Your question is wrong: you don't have to get rid of the other woman, you have a problem with your BOYFRIEND!

  • I wouldn't wait around. I'm surprised that you stuck with him after cheating once, but I respect you for trying to work it out. Considering how bad cheating is, even if he's not flirting (or at least not while you're around), the fact that he has not cut off full contact shows he's not as serious about working things out as he'd like to seem. If he respected you, he wouldn't talk to her, and if he REALLY respected you, he wouldn't have cheated in the first place. You deserve better than that, and whatever you do decide to do, it's your decision. If I were you in your shoes, I'd cut my losses and get out. I mean it would hurt, but it would be better than wasting my time with someone who didn't treat me right.

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