Can my girlfriend still love her ex...and me??

So I met my girlfriend while she was in "limbo" with her ex. By limbo, I mean she was waiting for him to ask her to be his girlfriend, and he never did. When I met her, she told me that she was giving him two more weeks to ask her...and she came up with this before I met her. So its not like I convinced her "two weeks" or anything. I knew her and her ex for a few months, and I saw them fight and argue so much. Then I came and basically swept her off her feet. Understandably, he hates me. And once we were officially dating, he would not stop asking her to be his girlfriend. Like he was ready once he realized she was moving on. I know that they are friends, and I'm not going to deny that from her

The thing is, we had a talk about how I felt about her still talking to her ex, and how I know he is still madly in love with her. And she tells me that she still loves him...but they just can't work in a relationship, only as friends. The biggest thing that bothers me, is that she told me that she will hate anyone that he dates...whether she is good for him or not. And its the exact same for him...which is why he hates me. Is this normal, for a girl to still love her ex...and automatically hate anyone who dates them? Or is it possible that she does just love him as a friend? I know that her ex is still madly in love with her, which is also why it bothers me so much that they are such good friends. I have no experience with being best friends with an ex, especially while being in another relationship. How can we create more of a loving relationship for ourselves, if she still has love for someone else too?

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Can my girlfriend still love her ex...and me??
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