How to get over a long time crush?

Its been years actually since I liked this guy and I can't shake the feeling that I like him. Its hard to ignore him when he constantly stared at me over the years wondering what I should've or could've done. But I know that opportunity is long gone considering he moved away now. So any kind of insight what I can do besides focusing on another guy because I have tried that in it never worked..


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  • You can try telling him you had a crush on him. past tense. Just banter about it with him.

    Or you can take up classes. Occupy yourself and have a laugh with friends constantly.

    I had a crush that I can't shake off too. She has a boyfriend last time I checked, its now been months since I saw her (ever since graduation day). I get these urges to tell her that I like her, but its not the same over fb.

    So yea just occupy yourself with hobbies and friends. Also instead of focusing on one guy, you can meet new guys every time you go out with your friends.


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