Does anyone else find it hilarious when dumb girls defend the guys who cheat on them?

Seriously. If you hook up with a guy who has a girlfriend/fiance/wife, and the girl finds out, she comes after you. It's ridiculous and it has happened to me one too many times, even sometimes when I Haven't really hooked up with the guy. I'm single. I'm not responsible for anyone else's relationship. If your guy is into me and wants to dance, make out, or have sex, and I like him as well, the fact that he's with you is not reason enough not to follow through. I don't even care if I know he's with another girl, but usually they lie about being in a relationship. It's not my responsibility either way. These guys don't care about these dumb women. And then the girl comes out guns blazing like I give a sh*t about her. shouldn't your anger be directed toward the guy who promised you commitment (if he did) but disrespected your feelings and cheated on you? I haven't promised you anything. I don't even f***ing know you well, if at all. You mean absolutely nothing to me. If you were my friend, it would be a different situation - I would never do that to a friend.

The part that cracks me up the most is when they talk down to me like "you won't ruin my relationship, slut." Some woman told me that recently and I just responded, "Honey, if you're stupid enough to continue being with someone who sh*ts on your feelings, then you deserve whatever you get in life. And if you think I'm the first or the last, you have a rude awakening in your future. Brace yourself." And I just left before she could respond. Such a waste of my time. It does kill me that so many women are this stupid. You can say I have no self respect for hooking up with a guy, and that's your opinion, but I think the same of you. I've been in committed, serious relationships before. I've been cheated on once and that was enough for me to drop him. I have too much respect for myself and my feelings to continue being with someone who blatantly disregards my feelings. How can you not value yourself to the point where you don't demand respect and honor in your relationship? I don't understand girls like that. There's forgiveness, and then there's insanity, stupidity. I can forgive someone for cheating, but I couldn't jump back into the relationship immediately and they would have to prove to me somehow that they are worthy of my trust. However, most likely I will just move on. Life is too short to spend it with people who pretend to care about you but really want do whatever they want to do. I at least have the courtesy to be honest about not giving a sh*t. cheaters lie to your face.

There's a guy who has been hooking up with me off and on and his girlfriend actually knows about me, and continues to be with him, pushing him to stop seeing me. I can't even empathize with her, I just feel pity for her. Its the most irrational sh*t in the world.

Am I the only one who feels this way?
Does anyone else find it hilarious when dumb girls defend the guys who cheat on them?
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