How do you get your ex back after you told him that you wanted to be friends?

Ok so I was dating this guy for about 5 - 6 months now & everything was going well until he had some problems that he was going through. Well it turned out that his exgirlfriend and I were both trying to be there for him and me & her got into it. Through misunderstand & miss communication him & I both thought that the other person didn't want anything to do with one another so we stoped talkin to eachother, but we finally talked & got down to the bottom of things & decided that we was going to give it another try. But the problem is his exgirlfriend is in the picture & I really can't tell him to get rid of her because she was there for him when I wasn't but as long as he keeps the both of us around there will always be problems. Me & her don't like each other at all & we get into it every time we see eachother. She keeps running at the mouth sayin that him & her are still together but he says they're & I believe him beacuase she's never consistant with her stories which just shows me how much she lies. But she is a problem starter & I'm a problem finisher & this cannot continue. When I realized this would be an issue I told him let's be friends because I rather be his friend then have him completely out of my life. & he was ok with it but I don't want to be his friend I want us to go back to the way we were. He says he still cares about me & still wants to be with me but his attitude about the situation makes me feel like he don't. I still do care about him & have feelings for him & a good part of me I believes he does also & I know with all my heart that's he's the one. But I don't know if he really feels the same & I just don't know what to do. Do I move on or try to get him back? & if so then how do I go about that?
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anotha issue is that every time we talk I'm the 1 that gets in contact with him. He won't hit me up but I'll hit him up & he acts like this isn't an issue. He's laid back & I kind of get the vibe that he feels that I'm bothering him. What do I do about th
How do you get your ex back after you told him that you wanted to be friends?
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