If I am right how do I get over him? should I take him back?

so me and my ex were together for a year and couple months everything was good in the beginning before I met him a guy was my best friend got me drunk ( thought I could trust drinking around him) and had sex with me nd it happened twice. When he asked me about it yes I did lie to him only because of his facial expression. I told him the truth after because I felt like I should tell him the truth even though it was in the past. He then said he's over it and said the past is the past. We had our ups and downs example would be I would question him about where he's going only because he lied to me when we first started dating about having a girlfriend and it was a little hard to trust him after that. He would get angry if I hugged a guy who was like a friend but I guess it was kind of fair because he wouldn't do that when he's at work. and I didn't go on MSN only when he's on I could go and had to ask him to go on Facebook or let him know. At one point I felt like I wasn't up to his standards because he told me maybe he rushed in to things to fast. we had a lot of arguments and I basically use to live with him because I would go to his house every weekend and all my clothes was there. A year after the relationship he said that he needs space because he's so stressed out with work and bills and I said fine I'll give you your space even though I had a weird feeling about it. After a while he told me that the guy that had sex with me told him what happened and made nasty comments about me he said that's one of the reasons why he's stressed out. I then reminded him he said what's in the past is in the past and he told me he always has that mental picture in his head when we are together because apparently I found out that they are friends. I found out that he was at a certain place and I was told this by my friend and he told me he was there for a little bit but according to my friend he was there from when it started to when it ended. we talked on and off and then it all just stopped. He came to see me for new years we had sex and talked for a couple days and never talked and seen each other after that when I emailed him he told me he doesn't want to rush his decisions that he doesn't know what he wants. couple months after I couldn't do it anymore because he never called me on Valentine's day and I was feeling alone and by my self while my other friends were with their bf's so I couldn't get a hold of him to make an official break up so I emailed him and told him I can't do it any more I e-mailed him the next day because I needed my clothes and he came to drop it off. I emailed him later and asked him if he got my email and he said no so I told him what I said and added in how I feel he asked me "so does that mean you don't love me anymore?" I said I care for him but truth is I really do still love him now I feel like I made a mistake about letting him go. do you think I made the right decision? if I am right how do I get over him? should I take him back
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he doesn't want to talk to me no more what do I do?
If I am right how do I get over him? should I take him back?
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