Girlfriend kissed a guy while we were on break?

I've been dating her for a year and a half and everything was quite nice until recently. we had our fair share of fights but they were all around me wanting her to respect my insecurities. she did, and did pretty well.

anyway, we got into a fight of a different caliber and said things in the heat of the moment but I believe this is part of the human experience. she decided that she loves me but she needs space. I then made the mistake of becoming a blabbering mess and more or less begging her to give love another chance. I calmed down eventually and decided that giving her space would be fine. two days later she says she doesn't see how she could love me like she used too, and she was very sorry. if she really thought this then I might as well just let her go, so I did, and she came back. I was thrilled.

she wanted to become great friends again, and eventually date. I felt great. I showed up to work shortly after, we hugged and had a nice rest of the day.

two days later she goes to a coworker's house and they kissed. the next day we hung out and she told me about it. she said it was like a nightmare and she had to force herself not to cry. I know I have no control over her since we're not dating, we would be shortly.

she started sobbing on my shoulder telling me she just wanted to make everyone happy. she said she loves me with all of her heart, and she was so so sorry. I told her not to worry, and that everything was fine. she started trying very hard to show me how much she loved me.

i don't really know what to do now. I can't show up to work knowing I'd have to see the guy, and something tells me she won't try to find another job.

i don't think this is worth ending our relationship over, but I'd like some advice I guess.

Girlfriend kissed a guy while we were on break?
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