Ex From 5 Years Ago...Haunting Love.

Okay, 6 years ago I dated this guy here in NYC, and we were together for only a year..BUT WHAT A YEAR IT WAS! During that time we both had been each others 1st real relationship [ we were both 18 in 2006] and as time went on we had numerous breakups and also one abortion. but we always got back together. Well in September 2008, he cut it off " for good" and I kept texting him to take me back but he wouldn't. Then one day in Oct 2008, he called me and I cam over and we made love for the last time. It was so emotional for the both of us, It was almost like our love for each other was TOO MUCH for us to handle at out age. After that, it was agreed we were done. I almost was going through a "Withdrawal' from him. It was so heart wrenching, It hurt me so bad because I loved him so so soo much and he knew it but I just didn't think he would end it like but He did..

I ended up moving to another state about 5 hours away and trying to forget about him. I somehow met this other guy before I left NYC and he maintained a close over the phone relationship with me even when I moved. THEN all the sudden in December 2007, I had totally forgot about him. my ex pops up IM'ing me and explained to me over the phone that , he wanted me back and couldn't believe I had moved.So we stayed friends but he messed it up again and then I ended contact in 2008. Then He met a girl,& I started dating the guy I had met. one year later I have a baby with my boyfriend but the thought of my EX was still there. We ended up talking secretively on and off and he admitted that at one point he couldn't stop thinking of me in 2009 and it just happened to be a time when I had for no reason kept having many dreams about him and it wouldn't stop! even though I didn't even think of him anymore. Summer 2010, we talked every night for a month because we both got off work at the same time and he'd talk to me on my way home, and he made it clear that he loved his girl but hinted at wanting to see me so badly. Then one night he texts me and says we have to stop talking every night and that it was best to stop and that he will always think about me and that he still had love for me, I didn't reply.. So I wrote him 3 months later on Facebook angry that he ended it like that. Then his girlfriend wrote me back saying "Leave my man alone BITCH blah blah blah", I didn't reply.

2012, I texted him Happy New years and we began to text again and I told him that I still loved him deeply. and he said that I was killing him with this and that he has sometimes thought about what if he would had been with me and not his girlfriend. Then one day he has her text me and she's threatening to kill me and all this dumb stuff and to "kill myself". SMH.But my whole thing is , why can't he tell me himself?! He always has her do the talking, and I KNOW THAT HE STILL LOVES ME. It's like I can feel it sometimes.Our Love was so powerful. I know I'm not that crazy.I just don't' know what to do.This love won't DIE. It keeps haunting me. WAS HE MY SOUL MATE?!
Ex From 5 Years Ago...Haunting Love.
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