How do I make peace with my ex boyfriend?

I asked a similar question and it went as follows 'HE ALL of a sudden is being mean. when I heard him talking about me to other people, it's pretty bad but I don't fit his description.

and I have a new boyfriend who makes me really happy. my ex boyfriend was the one who broke it off with me, yet, he is being a jerk now. I don't understand at all and then he has a girlfriend too. so why, does he think it's necessary to make behind the back comments like that?" But I just want a resolution so that we can somewhat be civil. What and how can I talk to him, I want to keep it short and let him know that I don't like him saying certain things about me & that we should be civil with each other from now on?


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  • Don't bother trying to make peace, he's insecure, immature and selfish and may use the opportunity of "peace" to ruin things with your boyfriend or spread even worse rumors.

    He probably see's you being happy without him and it's making him angry. Let that little gnome dwell in his anger alone.


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