How do I get her back?

Me and my ex girlfriend split up nearly 4 weeks ago. About a week ago we agreed not to contact each other. Then suddenly out of the blue she sent a text message which wasn't meant for me saying she saw me and it made her sad.

She said she accidentally sent it to me as she was thinking about me. When she sent this message it was the first time I saw her since we agreed not to talk. Then she said she will delete my number so she doesn't do it again.

Further to add when we agreed not to contact each other I text her saying people at work (we work in the same building) having been saying bad things about her saying she's not girlfriend material and likes sleeping around, these comments came from people she thinks are good friends of hers.I know they're not true and told her to ignore them.

Reason I told her I wanted to look out for her as people are two faced, just to be careful of friends aren't truly friends. But she thought I was trying to hurt her even more making her feel upset.That was never my intention but now I see how it comes across...its does look like I was trying to kick her while she was down.

I then heard through other colleagues that she's taking the break up very tough and struggling. I still care about her so I rang yesterday, the conversation was emotional, she thinks me telling her about people insulting her behind her back was to hurt her, I told her it wasn't my intention I was just looking out for her.

She told me she's cried everyday since we split up, she's been thinking about me everyday and she still loves me. She even said if I didn't send her the message saying people were insulting her behind her back, she was considering getting back with me.That message changed her mind because she thought I purposely wanted to upset her.

Initially she said she didn't want to hear from me, She then said I could keep in contact with her as long I don't send her upsetting messages.Then after the conversation she sent me a message apologizing for being harsh on the phone but said she's trying to do what's best for us.

What I have gathered since we split is this...

1. Both of us are very upset about the break up

2. We both still love each other

3. We think about each other everyday

4.She considered getting back with me

I know she's saying she's doing what she thinks is best for both of us..but I don't think it is. Not one of us has turned around and said..I don't have feelings for you anymore and leave me alone I want to move on. I don't love you. lets just be friends.If one of us said that..fine. Its clearly over and will move on.

But it feels like there's still something there between us.

I really want to give it another go with her but how do I convince her, we can work things out. I know we had problems in our relationship but now we know what the problems were, we can fix it plus will even understand each other more bringing us closer. that's my view anyway.
How do I get her back?
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