What is my ex doing to me and why?

My ex-girlfriend and I broke up two months ago after I ended the relationship to spend time with friends. I broke her heart and I said things that I would give my life to take back for her, but I can't. This was the second time that I did this to her and I feel like I'm dying now. So now I am heartbroken because she will not give me another chance because she doesn't trust me and is convinced that will leave her again, and I don't blame her. She told me that at one point that she wanted to move in together after college and get married, but now she says that she will never want to go back out with me or give me another chance.

But recently her and I hung out a lot, we went to the gym together and she came with me to pick out some spring break clothes. Soon after though, she said that she wasn't happy with the ways that things were going and she said that she didn't want us to hang out anymore until she was back to being happy again.

A few days ago she told me that she didn't want to talk to me at all and to completely leave her alone for a while until I was cooled off about asking about us getting back together (when I never really did ask that much). So last night I called her because I couldn't take it anymore (after only one day, literally) and we talked, not about us but just as two friends talking.

Then I texted her one day to ask what was going on, and she told me that she had just gotten a new laptop and asked me over to help her with it. I went over and helped her and everything went well, but then the next day she gave me a note asking me if I could help her with her homework on Sunday. So I went over and helped her and at one point we ended up 'messing' around on her couch while watching t.v.

I asked her if she wanted to see me again that night to 'finish' up what we were doing (I didn't say those words but I am being blunt on here) because she had to go and she said yes. So later that night I went over there and we ended up having sex twice.

So a day went by and she asked if I wanted to go to the gym with her last night, so met her there and we ran and worked out and went our separate ways.

So last night I was going over to a friend's house when she called me and asked if I could come over really quick and help her with her paper again. I went over and finished the paper for her, and when I was done she brought up a movie and suggested that we watch it before spring break. I agreed and then she asked if I wanted to go to the mall with her and go shopping for spring break on Friday. I said yes obviously.

I'm just curious what is going through her mind and what she is doing to me? This is so exhausting and I'm the most confused I have ever been. I don't want to ask her about it because I know that it will make her upset. What do I do?

Please give me some type of insight on the situation and if she may ever give me another chance because I know that she is the one and I can't let her out of my life.

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When it comes to texting and talking on the phone, I am usually the one who has to start the conversations. I don't know if that matters.
What is my ex doing to me and why?
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