Please help, I want my ex boyfriend back, but I pushed him too far

I believe I've pushed my ex boyfriend too far :( , it was my 1st relationship and when he broke up with me I was shocked and scarred. He brke up with me because the lst 3 months we've fought everyday or every other day. I only fought with him due to immaturity,not respecting me when id say no calm down a bit your getting out of hand,his mom smothering him,always at his house,and sometimes fight just because. I feel horrible about it.most was probably me not having tolerance.and I really love him with all of my heart.I found out tha after that I wasn't supposed to go to him cryng and beggng let's work it out. He didn't care when I cried.I saw some Facebook messages saying he was annoyed.and that hurt.I confronted that.he called me crazy for reading them and going into his account.(bad on my part I know,I just had a gut feeling he was talking about me or talking to another girl) which,he was talking to his friend,a girl that's younger then him. By one year. He is 2 years younger then me.

Also we tried being friends ,he wanted to,but I couldn' was hard to think I'm hoping and being his friend and that who knows in a month he'd be over me. And fine a girl.

What he's told me was he doesn't love me anymore,he cares as a friend.

Things go worse. He said he doesn't give a single crap about us anymore. That he doesn't want to see me,talk to me,and he doesn't like me.

I feel stupid,mistreated,horrible,sad,and desperate. And despite all of this...I still love him because we had great moments

I've read many webites and etc.

It says no contact and give him time

I also read if he's being mean its because he doesn't know how to control his emotions and he wants me back.

I just don't know if its too late.

I want to know what to do.

Also,I feel he's been playing victim too much and he knows how to make me feel guilty as ever.

Wht can I do please someone help! Please.

Ps. He brokeup with me aug 23 2012.

He also, has hd 2 ex gfs ahead of me.non were real love the way he and I felt. And he was my first real boyfriend too :(
+1 y
I want to you think hell come crawling if I ignore him

Ps. I'm 17 going to be 18. He just turned 16 last month in July 2012
Please help, I want my ex boyfriend back, but I pushed him too far
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