Really want to contact my ex but I know he doesn't want me to, what to do?

i have this overwhelming urge to contact my ex and it's with me all day every day. he broke up with me out of nowhere, and then deleted me from his online life. I blocked him after he deleted me on Facebook because it hurt so bad, but then unblocked him.

i realized that he has now started to take the time to delete posts I put on his wall, even stupid ones like "happy birthday" which I don't understand why he's deleting my posts because he never did that with any other ex of his, and he's really lazy when it comes to fb/online stuff, so for him to do that says a lot. so I blocked him again because it hurt so bad knowing that he's going through all this trouble to erase me...literally.

i don't know why we broke up, I was an amazing girlfriend to him and never did anything wrong. all he said over the phone was that "this isn't going to work out" and that I'm not "the one". I don't understand why he's cutting me out of his life like this. and like I said, he's never done this to any other ex of his.

all I want to do is just hear his voice again, talk to him, see him, something. it's driving me crazy. but what drives me more crazy is that I can't call him or email him because seeing how much trouble he's going through to delete me from his life I would look crazy and desperate and I don't want that.

but still I can't stop wanting to contact him. it's been exactly 2 weeks since our break do I deal with this?
Really want to contact my ex but I know he doesn't want me to, what to do?
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