Why am I unable to get over my ex? PLEASE HELP!

i dated my boyfriend, mostly long distance, but we spent our first few months together in the same city. then I moved away. things were good, but I wasn't happy how our relationship was with the distance, and felt like our problems weren't working well together. I'd been pushing for a breakup for sometime, and he'd gotten tired of my yelling at him, but we steered on. the eventual demise was when I'd been fed up of bending over backwards for him, and was upset we didn't talk to each other for two weeks. and broke it off the day after our anniversary and the day I came home to be with him for the summer.

i told him I didn't like how our relationship was going, and I just needed some space for now. he was angry, and deleted me off of fb, Skype, probably my phone number and all of our pictures. 4 days later, I asked for him back, and to talk it out. he ignored me. all summer, I kept on trying to make things 'right'. he still ignored me. his good friends all wanted nothing to do with me either.

by July, things were a little better, his friends came around, and we talked about my relationship with my ex. they assured me he didn't put much effort into it and it was his fault not mine that we didn't work out. I'd still been trying to contact my ex, and he eventually blocked me on Facebook.

a month or so later, a girl that I knew liked him contacted me on Facebook to tell me that she knew who I was and that she wasn't speaking to my ex anymore- she tried really hard to date him, but, he didn't want to date her. she gave him an ultimatum and he said he didn't like her anymore and they severed communication. from there, I guess we compared how our relationships were. but they never really dated, they just spoke to each other every day, so she says. eventually that ended. two weeks later, tonight, she claims he begged her back. and they are now friends again on Facebook. I ask one of my ex's really good friends if this is true, and he disspells it, calling her crazy and that what she is saying is incorrect.

what that girl told me (which was uncalled for), hurt me a lot. I'd been trying to talk to my ex so many times, he won't speak to me at all. but he'll give this girl another chance. his friends all say my ex still loves me, but I haven't heard a peep from him since may 1st. I am unable to get closure. I feel like I have made the biggest mistake of my life being so stupid with him, and yet he gives this girl (who I think isn't very nice) another try. I'm devestated.

i need to move on. but I can't. it's been months since our breakup, and everything still cuts like a knife. I am jealous, hurt, and confused. I know what I did wrong, and I've done everything to tell and show him I was stupid, but nothing will work. he will not talk to me at all. and really, his friends don't say much either.

please, help me move on or tell me what is going on here? I am in a great deal of hurt.
Why am I unable to get over my ex? PLEASE HELP!
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