My Girlfriend routinely obesses over her ex, should I leave her?

My girlfriend Sydney of 3 months keeps talking about her ex boyfriend josh and will not stop hanging out with him and stuff. She says she is completely loyal and don't do anything with each other, but she still talks and goes to parties with him. It is annoying me because he first of all, was a 19 year old senior trying to date a 16 year old junior and after he got bored of sydney, left her for someone else. (Hump and dump anyone?)

She used to talk about how "OMG, he was such a douche I hope he gets what he deserves" and crap like that. However, she recently started talking with him again. She even goes to partys with him on weekends, yah know the time that I'm supposed to spend with her. She says, "He's changed now, he is such a good and caring friend and just wants to make people happy." link

First of all, he is getting all Ds and looks like a queer (like this: link ) Then all he does is brag about how big his d*** is to girls and smokes pot all day long. The reason she said he "changed" is now he sweet talks her with bullsh*t compliments. "You are the prettiest girl in the world" type stuff. It's pissing me off because she was dumb enough to fall for it and hangs out with him on the weekends and sh*t. Everything is "oh, well josh used to do this" or "josh is like my best friend! you should try to be more like him."

I'm sick of it! Why doesn't she just break up with me and go suck his d*** or something if he's really that great! I want to break up with her so bad but when I tell her to stop talking with him she just keeps saying: "I don't say who you can be friends with! Stop trying to be controlling!" and when I told her I don't think the relationship would work and we should leave each other she said: "Oh please don't! I'm not doing anything bad I swear! I'll be the best girlfriend ever if you give me a chance!" What should I do? I think I should break up but what if she is telling the truth? I don't want to be an a**hole. On the flip side I'm an honor rol lstudent and play football. I don't think I'm gonna have a hard time without her.
My Girlfriend routinely obesses over her ex, should I leave her?
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