Girlfriend left ex for me, then cheated, twice...

This is sort of karma coming back at me. But its a special situation maybe I need to give it some thought? This girl was cheating on her man with me for about 7 months before she finally left him for me. We were together for 3 months when I found out that the first week of the relationship she had had sex with another guy. She was living in my house at the time but did it at a party, so she says. I was away on business

then things were great for another 3 months. Then the next time I was away I got back and caught texts from her saying she misses him. She said she's just trying to hurt him. But then, I went away to visit my family she went back with her ex and screwed for 2 nights. In the end she and him decided it wasn't right and she didn't go back the next two nights. But I found out about it through mutual friends. she admitted it, after lying about it - but I had so much evidence she couldn't deny.

She was living in my house, using my money, eating my food, and then out doing this guy, whom she obviously isn't over. I'm so happy with her, like I've never been happy with anyone else, but I understand that me convincing her to leave her guy would leave lingering feelings for him so it was sort of par for the course.

I know she is going to come crawling back. Is there anyone who actually thinks this will change or am I just losing my dignity even trying to let this girl walk all over me? She obviously doesn't value this relationship as much as me. Yet I don't think she would want to be with her ex. Its only when I'm away that she cheats.

Another girl started flirting with me immediately on Facebook when news spread we broke up. Maybe I should give her a shot instead?
Girlfriend left ex for me, then cheated, twice...
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