What's wrong with her?

My ex girlfriend told me that she thinks that she is in love with me,but she is acting really weird,she is avoiding me or she is cold most of the time.What should I do?I am confused! :/

Its been more than 2 weeks that she is acting weird/distant/cold after she told me that she still love me,i sent her a message yesterday saying,that I understand that you don't want to get hurt and that I know how you feel,she ignored it,so I sent her a message today,pretty much saying that I am deleting you from Skype/ur mob number...It may seems reckless but I have to give her a message ...And by the way if you want the one with the best answer,i want to talk with u,dont worry I am not a stalker!


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  • some may think this is weird.. but what about visiting her house?(if she lives nearby) Sometimes its easier to talk about these things in person, showing up at her house would show you really care and are risking putting yourself out there to prove you love her. She must be scared or something and needs reassurance. maybe she is too stressed to handle a relationship, but still genuinely loves you... If so I can totally relate when it comes to my ex... I avoid talking to him because I don't want to leave again... I don't want to play with his heart anymore.. but it hurts so much not to be able to talk or see him, I get really insecure and paranoid... I get depressed an just want to shut off from the world... I wonder if he stills likes me, but I also really wish he would move on from me, I hate to think I broke his heart, I want him to be happy... anyways, I hope you find peace and I hope things work out for you and your girl...

    • Thanks for your reply!Yea she said as well that she miss talking with me,but we end up fighting when we talk,she is "overthinking" everything.And we don't want to fight,we both hate it...She said exacly the same thing as well,that she wouldn't be surprised if I had a new girlfriend after all this time,after all the fighting and stuff,even thou she would hate it...Its a long distance relationship,so things are even harder...And I told her that I still love her!Merry x-mass and hope the best for you too! :)

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  • It sounds like she is going into "self-protective" mode. What did you say when she told you she thinks she loves you? If you didn't respond or said you didn't know how you felt, she could feel rejected and be trying to save herself from more pain. The best thing to do is talk about it with her. Sounds like along the way, she may be misinterpreting your actions or misunderstanding how you feel about her (if you do indeed still love her). I wish you the best of luck!

    • I said that I love her too,but she doesn't trust me,she missunderstood way too many things and she doesn't let me explain...thank you for the reply!and wish you merry x-mass! :)

  • Honestly it's either you love someone or you don't. If she doesn't trust you then there is no love. If you already tried talking to her then you already did your part, now it is hers. Wish you a Merry Christmas!

    • Yea you are right about it!And yea she has to work the way she feels too!Merry x-mass to you too!

  • May be she is angry! She is angry that you left her.

    • She dumped me back then...maybe she is angry but I don't find a reason...merry x-mass btw!

  • mixed feeling. she will feel left if she sees you with another girl. but she doesn't like it if you keeps approaching her. kind of. don't be confused. just follow your heart. you have preference. if she's not your type then feel free to look for another girl.

    • I am following my heart that's why I am so confused! :P

  • You need to speak with her and have one of those honest "I don't get it" convos.


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